Willie’s Supreme 100% Cacao Bar

Willie’s Supreme Chocolate bars are 100% cacao. The bars are an ingredient for both sweet and savoury dishes. Perfect for a delicious hot chocolate, that special birthday cake, or just a little in your bolognese. Willie keeps his in his kitchen alongside his olive oil and condiments. Try it in the morning grated on your fried eggs, or in your gazpacho at lunch or add it to your gravy at supper, it makes a delicious enricher of sauces . An essential kitchen staple, grate in food, great on food.

Madagascan Black Sambirano Superior – 180g bar

Sourced from the Sambirano Valley in North West Madagascar.  Madagascar famed for its remarkable biodiversity, with many of its plant and animal life unique to the island, is well known for its superior cacao. The beans from this region produce a bar with a wonderful natural flavour and juicy notes of summer fruits.


Venezuelan Black Hacienda las Trincheras – 180g bar

This is a very old hacienda which produces fantastic beans and is being helped by the Terra Viva Foundaton. Terra Viva is a Venezuelan non-governmental organisation that encourages sustainable development through environmental programmes with a strong education focus.  Willie visited this Hacienda 4 years ago and tried to buy the beans then and has now finally been able to purchase them to produce this limited edition bar. These exceptional beans produce a bar with smooth nutty notes.


Nicaraguan Black Waslala Superior – 180g bar

Single bean origin chef’s cacao with fresh pecan notes.  Grate in your food and great on your food.  Selected from the finest cacao regions in Nicaragua, these beautiful beans are traditionally roasted in Willie’s chocolate factory in England using authentic 100 year old chocolate making machinery to bring you authentic, individual and exotic cacao in a supreme – 100% pure – solid bar.