Silverwood Sandwich Pan with Loose Base

The anodised surface is characterised by a silver, smooth, easy-release, easy clean finish and the aluminium core is effectively “sealed in”. This product is not suitable for dishwashers.

Silverwood Bakeware never skimps on quality – for example:

  • Heavy gauge alloys are used to ensure robust construction;
  • Many products have a removable base so that the cooked food can be removed perfectly;
  • Cake pans are a full 3” deep and up to 4” deep, with the larger sizes;
  • Square cake pans have welded corners to ensure they can’t bow;
  • Sandwich pans are a full 1½” deep for lighter sponges;
  • Baking sheets are made from a rigid alloy, which ensures that they don’t distort in the oven.

Best of all, it’s still made in England!