Caipirinha Set

Make glamorous Caipirinha cocktails this festive season with this slick set. This is also an inspired gift for a cocktail lover.

The set comprises 2x glasses, 1x pestle, 30x drinking straws.

And as if this gift couldn’t get any better…’s a recipe to make a delicious Caipirinha:

1-2 limes
6-8 cl Pitú Cachaça premium do Brasil
1-2 bar spoons brown cane sugar
and the appropriate glass

Cut the limes into quarters and put in a large tumbler. Pour on the sugar. Squeeze the lime pieces in the glass with a pestle. Pour on the Pitú Cachaça and mix well with a bar spoon. Fill the glass with coarsely crushed ice cubes and stir. Put in two short thick straws.

Now you just need to buy the Caipirinha Set!